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Beginners yoga- 6 week course

This course is suitable for those who are absolutely new to yoga or wish to refresh the basics of yoga.

The practice will build week by week, introducing you to new postures. At the end of the course you will feel confident to attend the regular yoga classes.

You will learn the correct technique for the physical poses and this will help you develop strength and flexibility safely. You will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help calm the mind from every day stress.

If you are unable to attend the course the gentle yoga classes are suitable for complete beginners, or a nice step from the course.

DETOX YOGA COURSE- 6 week block

Designed to cleanse your body and clear your mind. A series of postures, deep twisting and a hot studio will stimulate the digestive, circulaory and lymphatic system. Flushing toxins and rejuvenating the body from inside out.

Each class will be followed by a green shake or herbal tea and a chance to have a chat about healthy lifestyle options

Yoga Glow – 6 week course

Yoga Glow! is a brand new 6 week course.

It’s an hour and 15 minute class in a heated room where you will be taken through a gradual warm up and breath practice, followed by some heat generating sun salutations to prepare the body for a beautiful Vinyasa Flow class with some wonderful holds, designed to focus on opening, stretching or balancing different parts of the body each week.

It will be a detoxifying, cleansing practice which will end with floor work and a delicious meditation and relaxation.

You will leave the class feeling relaxed yet energised, sweaty yet cleansed and completely rejuvenated.

All levels are welcome, let’s get our Glow on!

Hot Yin/Yang YOGA COURSE- 6 week block

Hot Yin Yang Yoga is a brand new 6 week course.

Literally cannot contain the excitement at a thought of bringing a BRAND NEW course to Sunderland Yoga project.

Not sure whether you want to do yoga for a work out or for relaxation?

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice in a hot room.

The first half of the class (YANG) will consist of a fast-paced energetic sequence, aimed to improve strength and stamina. While the second half of the class (YIN) will consist of a very slow-paced relaxing sequence of floor-based poses, each held for 2-5 minutes, aimed to sooth the mind and improve flexibility.

Work up a sweat, yet leave the class feeling deeply relaxed.