why baby, toddler and kids yoga are so popular

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Baby Yoga:
This class is suitable from 6/8 weeks up to crawling. Baby yoga helps to attune to your baby’s needs and to calm or stimulate them as appropriate with a sense of security and wellbeing. It is beneficial for all babies, you don’t need to practice yoga or even know anything about yoga to get started with your baby.
Baby yoga offers quality physical stimulation that has become essential in an urban sedentary lifestyle. For every hour that babies spend strapped in cars seats or home seats, 5 minutes of Baby Yoga provides stretching as a start to a healthy lifestyle. Baby yoga can be practiced instantly anywhere at anytime and always generates a joyful interaction.

Toddler Yoga:
This class is suitable from crawling up to age 3yrs. Toddler yoga is a continuation of baby yoga for mobile babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Using songs and rhymes alongside plenty of movement and stretching, this yoga class is designed to support the transition from babyhood to more developed forms of self-expression through movement. As babies make this transition to independence, physical contact with their parents is often diminished yet remains very important. Our toddler yoga promotes strength, flexibility and balance. Relaxation and energetic activity are contrasted and balanced providing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Kids Yoga:
this adventure class is suitable to kids aged 4-9yrs. In Kids Yoga we always try to counter poor posture development from sitting on chairs and arching backs all day at school. Yoga helps to alleviate tightness and stiffness and can help prevent kids turning into adults with tight hamstrings and stooping postures.
In our yoga classes we consistently emphasize on the positives in life and good feelings to help bring in a more positive outlook and lasting uplifting impression on the brain – we talk about our yoga adventure and discuss how it can help us in our everyday lives e.g. being brave.

Tween Yoga:
this class is suitable for kids aged 9-13yrs. Being a tween can be tough. Your body’s changing. You become more peer-focused, so what your friends think starts to matter to you. Friendships deepen. Communication gets a little more subtle.
All of our tween classes bring this deepened friendship to the forefront as we include lots of partner poses and learn about trusting each other as well as looking at more traditional yoga postures. Relaxation and guided imagery are explored in every session too.

Teen Yoga:
this class is suitable for teenagers aged 13-19yrs. Teenagers, perhaps more than anyone, need to ease the everyday stresses and pressures of their lives. Come and find out what all the buzz is about, why yoga is such a cool thing to be doing and learn a sequence of yoga moves. The Yoga Project is somewhere for you to come and get in shape whilst soothing any stress with yoga. A yoga class is the perfect pause in between the hectic worlds of school, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, studying and partying.