HOT Yin/Yang Yoga Workshop

3 March 2019
The Yoga Project
March 03, 2019  @  1:00 pm
March 03, 2019  @  2:30 pm

Hot Yin Yang Yoga is a brand new workshop.

Literally cannot contain the excitement at a thought of bringing a BRAND NEW workshop to Sunderland Yoga project.

Not sure whether you want to do yoga for a work out or for relaxation?

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice in a hot room.

The first half of the class (YANG) will consist of a fast-paced energetic sequence, aimed to improve strength and stamina. While the second half of the class (YIN) will consist of a very slow-paced relaxing sequence of floor-based poses, each held for 2-5 minutes, aimed to sooth the mind and improve flexibility.

Work up a sweat, yet leave the class feeling deeply relaxed.