HYPNOSIS, MIND and BODY workshop

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Hypnosis, Mind and Body Relaxation

Feel Stressed?

Can’t Relax?

Negative Energies?

Then this is the 1.5 hour Workshop for you.

This workshop is a Mind, Body and Relaxation session, where you are guided into natural hypnosis. It is not Mind Manipulation, you remain in control at all times.

This workshop will provide you with a safe space where we allow the mind to rest and clear.


Decreased Stress within the mind and body, a feeling of calm and relaxation.

This workshop will also give you an improvement in concentration and motivation as the mind is able to think clearly without negative thoughts and feelings getting in the way.

Workshop Details:

The workshop will be followed by a nurturing yoga flow sequence to increase energy & feelings of confidence and encourage relaxation. Naturally this improves lifestyle choices.

Wednesday 22nd August

17:00 – 18:30