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Each Yoga Project class is suitable for ALL LEVELS. We offer Yoga and Pilates classes.
The style of yoga that we teach is a contemporary approach to yoga. It has at its heart the teachings of the powerful Raja Dhiraja approach to dynamic vinyasa flow, hatha and restorative yoga. Perhaps you enjoy fast and flowing yoga, perhaps you like to go slow and deep. Or maybe you are completely new looking to start your yoga journey. We love it all and want everyone to feel comfortable. Yoga is a practise that is meant for everyone it will teach you to know yourself, love yourself and accept yourself.


What is it? The room is heated to warm the muscles and set to torch calories and detox the body. Your teacher will take you through a flowing series of poses. Poses designed to improve strength, balance and flexability while toning, detoxifying toxins and relieving tension. In hot yoga you have to work with your breath deeply which results in a calm mind and sense of achievement. Designed to be challenging at times, each individual is encouraged to go at their own pace. Be ready to work and sweat!
Who is it for– All levels – anyone who likes a strong challenging practice


What is it? The class starts with a dynamic flow of exercises that bring in the fitness based aspects of the yoga practise. Increases cardiovascular activity and fat burning while developing dynamic flexibility, muscular strength, core strength, balance and agility. The class then incorporates deep slower paced poses for longer periods of time allowing a release of tension and stress. This energizes the deep connective tissues of the body, lubricate and renew and restores alignment. Resulting in greater flexability and energy
Who is it for – All levels, Ideal for those who do sports, high impact training, on the go all the time.


What is it? Have you ever wanted to try yoga but felt too intimidated to try, or you just don’t think your body can do it. These beginners classes will build your confidence and love for yoga by showing you that yoga is for everyone. You will learn the basic standing and seated poses and the importance of why we do them. The class moves at a gentle pace focusing on correct alignment and breath. You will feel your strength and flexibility improve. You will feel energized with a sense of inner calm.
Who is it for – Beginners, pregnant women, those looking to get back into yoga and those recovering from injury


What is it? A dynamic and fluid class with all kinds of poses including sun salutations, standing, seated, twisted, foreward bends, backbends, arm balances and inversions. Powerful and energizing classes that link movement with breath for a calm and clear mind. Finishing with relaxation so you leave the studio like you are flouting!
Who is it for? All levels