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Award winning Baby yoga (6 weeks to crawling) 6 week course

Yoga offers fantastic health, fitness and development benefits to children, teenagers and parents alike.

All our classes are interactive and include Early Years and sensory learning.

We use music, song and props to enhance the fun of our baby and toddler sessions.

Incorporating the use of props, such as puppets, scarves, ribbons, feathers and gym balls, to aid muscle development and exercise routines.

Our classes are structured and lively yet relaxing and educationally, socially and physically beneficial. In our baby classes music is a key factor to aid fluid movement, rhythm and enjoyment.

Class benefits:
• Health and physical development
• Fitness and mental agility
• Family bonding and personal skills
• Illness prevention
• Developed in line with Early Years Foundation Stages
• Communication and language skills
• Social and emotional development
• Illness prevention
• develop confidence
• Health benefits can aid illness prevention and recovery for colic conditions, digestive problems, low muscle tone and general exercise conditioning.

Next Course starts:

Monday 30th January 10:00am

Tuesday 31st January 1:00pm


Wednesday 1st February 13:00pm


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