About us

The Yoga project is a studio based in the gym SR2. It is a beautiful and intimate hideaway to come and practise your yoga. It’s a haven of tranquility that will leave you feeling energised and calm. Good music, cool vibe and friendly staff, We provide all the equipment. All you need to do is wear something comfortable that you can freely move around in. There is a café outside so we can catch up with a herbal tea after practice.

Our philosophy

Yoga is for everyone, everyone is equal no matter what your abilities! Don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t feel deflated if there are things you can’t do. Its not about perfection, just enjoy the journey no matter how long it takes. We truly love yoga and we want you to love it too.

Our Teachers


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Having trained in ballet from the age of 4 she then moved to London to do a degree in dance performance. Yoga and pilates was something she did continuously over the years as knew how important it was for her body and mind. She then moved into fitness and has been teaching classes for 15 years in London, New Zealand and then Sunderland. Having had the luxury of training with some truly inspiring teachers all she can ever hope is that she can pass on her passion and knowledge of yoga to you and what amazing things it can do for your mind and body. Completing her intensive yoga training course in Croatia was a truly life changing experience. She then went on to complete her advance training in Vinyasa yoga. She practises yoga daily including meditation, pranayama and asanas, making her stronger mentally and physically for the rollercoster of life! With her vast experience of working with the body she understands how to move it so we are left feeling worked, energised and peaceful inside.

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