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We are here to help you get a strong mind and strong body. The practice of yoga increases strength and flexibility. Encouraging longer, leaner muscles and weight loss. It increases energy levels, youthfulness and beauty from within.

Through the coordination of movement with breath, yoga will calm the mind and help you deal with stress and able to ride the waves of life with ease.

We are Sunderland’s newest yoga and pilates studio. We offer a huge variety of classes including hot yoga, yoga flow, gentle yoga, sports yoga, pilates, baby yoga and toddler yoga.

We also run specialist courses including detox yoga, beginners yoga, pregnancy yoga and men’s yoga.

There is something to suit everyone.  We will take you through a journey where you will love yoga and how amazing it makes you feel.

If you have any questions you would like to know about The Yoga Project then please feel free to contact us:

Email: shelley.butters@gmail.com
Tel: 07879212423

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